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What the Fuck is a Fap Tax?

A Fap Tax is a tip sent to a free cam model AFTER you have already shot your wad while watching them.

It is a courtesy tip to A) let em know they made you cum all over yourself and B) to let em know you appreciate all the kinky stuff they do for the fans while playing in their webcam chat room.

It is also a bit of a guilt trip to make you feel a bit bad about using the nude models for free hardcore porn without ever tippingr.

Are Fap Taxes a Requirement?

FUCK NO they are not required like paying taxes are to Uncle Sam and his greedy political schemers, but they are a really nice way to make your XXX chat host feel good about all the hard work they put in to help all the horny fuckers in their rooms achieve an orgasm.

How Much is a Fap tax?

Different models have different prices and not nearly enough of them even know what the fuck a fap tax is and do not put teir prices in their tip menus or profiles.

If a host has a Fap Tax in her menu or profile then pay that amount. If not either ASK, or send them a tip you feel is a good amount and let 'em know it is because you just fapped off to their kinky cam show. BE POLITE NOT CRUDE or you just ruin the whole beautiful moment with vulgarity!!!


Adult Webcam Sites Give Away Hardcore Porn for FREE These Days!

If you didn't know already now you do that the best XXX webcam sites give away tons and tons of hardcore porn free of charge.

They let anybody and everybody watch usually without even signing up to the site if you do not want to...

You can fap to the sexiest cam girls, guys, and couples without paying a cent if your ass is broke as a joke right now.

Of course the best way to use webcam chat sites is to sign up and get your own chat nickname so you can talk to the models in their chat rooms.

It can be a fun fucking time watching a kinky cam host do all sorts of nasty things while chatting with the other people in the room.

And you can find live hosts who will do (al)most anything you want to see, if you tip them and the price is right to get them to do it.

a man who is broke as a joke right now
This guy never pays his fap tax...

What are the BEST Free Webcam Sites to Fap at?

If you are a cheap ass or your funds are really tight these days then a free webcam site can be a nice source of porn that will not break your bank account.

Here are the best ones that have the hottest models online 24 hours a day around the clock...


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This guy always pays his fap tax...

The BEST Adult Webcams for C2C & Private 1 on 1 Attention...

If you are Mr. Money Bags flush with cash or wanna know the feeling of being what is known as a "whale tipper" who tips non-stop big time tips here is one of the best cam sites to scope out. If ya like to be watched while ya wank and have a webcam you can get a c2c or "cam to cam" show and have the model watch you while you watch them.

Ya'll are disgusting btw, and by disgusting I mean privates and cam to cam shows are the place to get out all of your kinks you do not really wanna share with an entire chatroom filled with strangers!

STRIPPERS LOVE TIPPERS and the more you spend on them the more they will want to please you as best they can!!!

Live Sex is a great place to spend some time chatting in private with cam hosts who will do whatever you want in order to get you off so that you always get your money's worth.


More Webcam Sites Good for Fapping Off

If you want to watch some sexy grannies on hardcore webcams check out some grandma cams to find older cam models.

You can see straight and gay men jerking off and fucking each other if ya like to see guys fucking or whacking off.

Find out which cam sites give away free tokens just for signing up at this website all about how to get free tokens to tip with.

Check out a list with all sorts of kinky porn, dating, and webcam sites for ADULTS ONLY at Kinky's Links.